P1 Applicant organisation  GIP-FCIP de l’académie de Caen

GIP FCIP de l’académie de Caen is a department of the head-office of State Education in Normandy. It enables public educational institutions, initial or ongoing, to develop projects, mostly with EU funding under Interreg, ESF, former Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig and currently Erasmus +.


The main expertise of GIP FCIP regards:
-Training design and organization, particularly in adult training as part of the GRETA network
-Social responsibility of organizations (equal opportunities, diversity, gender equality, sustainable development).

In 2015, GIP-FCIP, through its GRETA network, trained 16560 people in its 165 training campuses, it provides courses for unemployed people, blue and white collar employees in various trades, among which the hospitality trade.

CoordinatorNadine NORGEOT-VERON (nadine.norgeot-veron/at/



SZENT ISTVAN UNIVERSITY is a leading university of economics and applied life sciences. It has two campuses: there are three faculties in campus for Economics: Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Management, Faculty of Social Sciences, and three faculties in campus of applied life sciences: Faculty of Horticulture, Faculty of Landscape Architecture, and Faculty of Food Science and Technology (FST). The University has more than 15000 students and nearly 800 specialist in teaching or research positions with PhD. 9% of students are from abroad. The FST is the most important such faculty in Hungary, offering a wide range of BSc, MSc and PhD programs on food technology and food safety. FST has wide range of international relations with more than 20 partner institutions from all over the world.

Coordinator: Zoltan Lakner (Lakner.Zoltan/at/

P3 Kuressaare Ametikool

Kuressaare Ametikool (RTC) is a regional training centre of vocational education with 147 staff members (incl 86 teachers). KRTC provides initial and additional vocational training and also retraining in 15 different vocational areas, the biggest among these are hotel&catering and construction. There are ca 1000 regular students on upper and post-secondary level, but also ca 1000 adult students during a year on different adult training courses. We provide also courses for people with special needs. KRTC has a remarkable experience with cooperation with local enterprises and labour market office. One of KRTC’s tasks is to train the tutors in enterprises and assess and accredit companies before students’ work-placement arrangements. KRTC is implementing quality management principles and has taken part in Quality Award competitions for VET institutions in Estonia. Since 2011 KRTC has been involved in quality assurance program of Estonian VET institutions, so far 8 curriculum groups (vocational areas) are accredited.

Coordinator: Ave Paaskivi  (ave.paaskivi/at/

P4 Associazione N.E.T. Networking Education & Training

The Associazione N.E.T. is a not for profit association founded in 2001 by experts of the training and educational sector. Net addresses above all disadvantaged people like women, long term unemployed and young unemployed, elderly, disabled people and single parents to support them from a social, training and employment point of view. The association is very active at local and regional level by collaborating with public organisations and institutions like Regions, Municipalities, Local Health Units (ULSS), Universities, Chambers of Commerce but not only. Associazione N.E.T. is very active in the third sector to develop self sustainable and fair activities and to develop a sustainable economy through micro credit by collaborating with cooperatives and associations of the private sector that in Italy substitute the Public sector in many situations.
Associazione N.E.T. aims at contributing to the local and regional development by organising activities and developing sustainable community projects and programmes. Recently the Association is trying to go towards fair and sustainable type of activities developing innovative actions and supporting new ideas.

Coordinator: Roberta Bassan (roberta.bassan/at/


P5 A.J.A. Ass. Jesolana Albergatori

Jesolo Hotel Owners’ Association (AJA) was officially founded in 1952 as a local delegation of the AVA (Venice Hotel Owners’ Association). This association gathers together 282 Hotels (ranked from 1 to 5 stars) today, located mainly in the council of Jesolo, for a total receptivity of over 25,000 beds and develops over 3.5 million visitors each year. It was created to protect the interests (economic and trade unions) of the shareholders and the entire category of Hospitality and for this purpose it represents the needs and interests of local companies towards the institutions maintaining effective cooperation relations with other economic, social and cultural organizations at local level.

Coordinator: Giovanni Fregoese (presidente/at/

P6 Les Petits Plats dans les Grands

Les Petits Plats dans les Grands, was created as an outcome of an Equal project called “Convergences dans les métiers de l’hôtellerie restauration”. It is an association of hospitality enterprises strongly committed to the promotion of the trade, successful initiatives related to training and vocational guidance, human resources management and sustainability. It is an organization typically involved in CSR in a sector which has to promote its attractiveness.

Coordinator: Thierry Lhuillery (restaurant.le.pommier/at/


MOSQI.TO is a digital marketing and innovative business with 10 years of experience. Along these years we have been dealing with all sort of marketing tasks, developing our skills in animation, video, outdoor communication, website development, mobile and UX design. Our main advantage is both – digital and marketing skill with very good understanding of target group needs. MOSQI.TO has been successful working for commercial companies such as: ING, Unilever, Commerz Bank, but also NGOs or nonprofit organizations, such as our home town Lodz.

Coordinator:Natalia Sansisteban  (natalia/at/