Green Guest project will represent Normandy!

Erasmus national agency, 2E2F,  announced that Green Guest will represent Normandy in the French national “Territorial Observatory of European and International Mobility” in partnership with the Regional Councils. This is a step ahead in the recognition of the quality of our work following up the award of the “Bonne Pratique” label.

As our friends from Les Petits Plats Dans les Grands stated, this is a fantastic piece of news in this dreadful crisis striking the hospitality industry. The partnership expresses its solidarity with the hoteliers and their staff  and hopes that our businesses and hospitality schools will soon overcome these hardships of time!

Nadine NV , Green Guest coordinator , GIPFCIP


Green guest outcome and current Covid-19 pandemic

The pandemic is a terrific economic blow to the hospitality sector all over Europe where many businesses are in jeopardy in spite of the support of governmental authorities. It is said that one French enterprise out of three might not be able to re-open after the end of the business lockdown in our trade. 

Nowadays, sustainability and innovation may not appear to be the main concern for hospitality enterprises which fight for their survival. Nevertheless we believe that our approach and our learning tools are more than ever useful for the post-pandemic period and can be real assets for the attractiveness of our sector in the inevitable economic upturn. 

During these gloomy times of uncertainties, the strong recognition by the French Agency , 2E2F,  of the quality of our work through the award of the “Good Practice label” and its recent decision to make Green Guest represent Normandy in  their “Territorial Observatory of European and International Mobility” in partnership with the Regional Councils, are genuinely  extremely positive  tidings!

Thierry Lhuillery, President of LPPDLG.

Alain Tambour, in charge of Quality Assurance in Green Guest.

GreenGuest got an award!

The GreenGuest project was awarded by the national Erasmus+ agency of France.

“It is a great recognition of the hard work undertaken! GreenGuest has produced a lot and things which are indeed useful,” said Alain Tambour, one of the members of the project team.

“Bonne Pratique” is the logo of the appreciation that Green Guest project can use from now on.

“We, small independant businesses of the hospitality trade, are extremely grateful to our partners, for the hard work we undertook together in improving our policies, methods, ethos in order to tackle these new issues in a changing world! And particularly to you, our European friends, and of course to Erasmus + for enabling these great  and fruitful encounters! The main goal of our association is the development of our corporate social responsibility: Green Guest was a fantastic opportunity and we are very proud of this award!”

Thierry Lhuillery, Patrick Moutafis, on behalf of LPPDLG

This is what they said

Participating students from the Green Challenge week shared their opinions at the end of the event. Check out what they said! Collected by Alain Tambour.

“I think this experience has enabled us all to open our minds to the world and  ecology.”

“I am very happy to have participated in this project, which enabled  me to improve myself and to meet people. “

“I hope I can participate in other projects like this one. Thank you for all !!”

“Very well organised, excellent …just an improvement : try to create cooking teams as early as possible to improve team work. “

“I spent a fantastic week that I will never forget. Thank you for this beautiful experience.”

“Great ! Give us opportunities to do it more times!”

Green Quest has left the kitchen, our project partner from Łódź, Poland has released the Green Quest serious game out of their software and web development kitchens.

The game is one of the outputs of the Green Guest project. It’s been tested, feedbacked, proofread etc etc. Ready.

It’s now ready to jump into the hospitality, hotel and restaurant classrooms all over the Europe and wider world.

Meet Marco, the hero.

Learn about sustainability and being a future green professional with him!

PLAY HERE: Green Quest serious game


Green Challenge in Lido di Jesolo

Students from Estonia, France and Italy had a week-long training at Lido di Jesolo, Italy that culminated with a Green Challenge cooking contest.

The event took part on 13-17 May 2019.

Monday: getting to know each other. Making teams.

Monday: Visiting Hotel Termini, Lido di Jesolo. Discussing sustainability. “If you waste energy, you waste money,” said Giovanni, the young hotel owner, to the students.

Tuesday morning: building websites at computer lab to showcase and share experience. Giuseppe, an Italian student with Guillaume, French team mentor/teacher.

Energy gained: screen showing the solar energy created at the roofs of Hotel Imperia, the only eco-labeled hotel at Lido di Jesolo.

Wednesday: Salomé speaks about her tourist farm and wine making to project group and students.

Thursday: meet the basket. The ingredients for the Green Challenge cooking contest.

Thursday: students were preparing their cooking contest meals and shooting videos.

Thursday: working with the websites and videos. The hosting organizers, Michela and Roberta, give last instructions for Green Challenge starting next morning.

Friday: The Big Day. Team 4 with their gray aprons before the entering to the kitchen. First left: mentor Emmanuel “Manu” Wille, representing Estonia.

Heat is on: Team 1 (Red aprons) preparing their dishes.

The jury: looking, smelling and tasting the food at the restaurant of the IPSEOA Elena Cornaro restaurant.

Meet the winning dish: asparagus, from tip to tail, by Team 4.

Lunch buffet: everybody could taste the Green Contest food served by the IPSEOA Elena Cornaro students.

Final ceremony: group pictures with the citizens of Europe.

Multiplier event: explaining the project outcomes to the future professionals and current stakeholders.

Awards: Team 3, second place, on the podium.

And the winner is.. : Team 4 on the podium.

Thank you, AJA and Associazione N.E.T. for organizing this great and informative event and IPSEOA Elena Cornaro for hosting. Hope to see you next time!

The full gallery of the week can be found here. To download hi-res pictures:

  • click the filename (e.g. 20190513_232) under the thumbnail
  • right-click on photo and Save picture as..

Licence: No copyright.




GreenGuest showcased in France

Over 500 visitors were welcomed by “Les Petits Plats Dans Les Grands” and its president Thierry Lhuillery, at the “forum des métiers de l’hôtellerie restauration” in Hérouville st Clair on March,19th. In partnership with the French employment agency, Pôle emploi, over 200 jobs were offered to the participants of the Job Fair by 30 businesses.

Twenty organisations held  a specific stall to display a wide range of offers to support the hospitality industry, including the great variety of the regional Vocational and Ecucational Training offer from the private and public sectors.

GIPFCIP Normandy together with LPPDLG held a very successful stall where Green Guest and Rock the Greens Hub, our Erasmus plus projects were showcased by Fabrice Darrigrand from GIPFCIP. The cartoon video clip “Why does hospitality go green?” by Green Guest partners, created by the Polish company, was also displayed and raised the interest of the many visitors. A very efficient advertisement campaign had been launched through the internet and social media among which remarkable video clip teasers  by Morgane Moutafis from  LPPDLG, promoting Green Guest and Rock the greens hub approaches.   A lot of visitors had a go at the GREEN QUEST and training organisations expressed their strong wish to use it in their training courses. It confirms the very keen interest of the Estonian, Italian, French learners who recently experimented it in their own pathways with several vocational hospitality high schools.

The next step is the implementation of the Green Challenge in Italy where teams of European learners will compete in the creation of sustainable menus; the Estonian, Italian and French learners will be welcomed next May by NET and  AjA the businesses’ association of Jesolo hospitality entreprises.