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Green Guest serious game

Students playing the Green Guest game.

The game has been developed in order to provide innovativeness and diversity in learning procedures. Learning materials become less tiring and more entertaining to learners. All in all, game-based learning can be more efficient compared to other ‘more traditional’ learning environments, because it is not packed with an immense amount of content which often proves to be unappealing and inapproachable to students.

As all serious games, GREEN QUEST game has been built to include all the necessary components of successful games (Juul, 2003). In particular, it addresses the following six definitive characteristics of the content of successful games:

  1. Rules – a game’s fantasy world is constituted by sets of rules.
  2. Variable and quantifiable outcome – distinct, identifiable and measurable outcomes should be realizable.
  3. Different values assigned to possible outcomes – positive or negative values should be assigned to all distinct outcomes.
  4. Player effort – positive outcomes should be realizable only after players exert effort.
  5. Player attachment to outcome – positive outcomes should be followed by a psychological reward for the player, and vice versa.

Green Guest serious game

Green Guest serious game

Educational guide

This educational guide, “Green Guest”, is intended as a reference document offering a standard educational basis for themes to be dealt with and goals to reach a far as sustainable development is concerned within the hospitality industry.

Pedagogical guide IO3 2 modifs sept 2018 V3

Study cases

At the beginning of the project, partners have undertaken a survey which goal was to explore the good practices in the hospitality industry. As a result, 25 respondents from 5 countries provided data that was primarily analysed qualitatively.

Among these 25 businesses, partners have chosen 8 which are open to environmentally friendly solutions and have implemented them in different fields, at different levels. It is important to notice that businesses which are fully sustainable are quite scarce. Yet a lot of hospitality businesses strive to move towards this ideal. Our goal is to help students spot what is part of this ideal in the case studies we provide.

Caresa (Italy) – Green Guest Study Case

Corinthia (Hungary) – Green Guest Study Case

Imperia (Italy) – Green Guest Study Case

Le mesnil rouxelin (France) – Green Guest Study Case

Le Pommier (France) – Green Guest Study Case

Loona Manor (Estonia) – Green Guest Study Case

NH (Hungary) – Green Guest Study Case

Olde Hansa (Estonia) – Green Guest Study Case