Based on the project’s objectives, work plan and time table the expected results are:

Outcome 1 – mapping of good practices of  businesses having CSR policies

The output will consist in  the report of a survey including the analysis of CSR policies of big corporate groups and smaller businesses. It will also concern study of mass catering approaches and  if relevant public provisions regarding school meals since some  public authorities develop specific sustainable approaches.

Outcome 2 – Mapping of the greening process of syllabi

This output consists in a report collecting and analysing data concerning the various  qualification approaches.

Outcome 3 – Green Hotel,  elearning modules on sustainability

An e-learning offer of three pathways of 20 hours  learning duration  with  three modules broken down in sequences of 30 mn, heavily based on gamification and interactivity to keep the learners stimulated and motivated to tackle the learning outcomes identified in O1 and O2 as well as in previous project Host With The Most.

Outcome 4 – Monitoring and assessing the learning process through  blended VET pathways connected to sustainabilty in a trade

The output is  a written deliverable  based on the following experimentation. Our goal is to provide recommendations for implementing learning processes regarding sustainability in a trade, based on our experience of the hospitality trade.

Outcome 5 – Marketing toolkit on the  commitment  of a trade to Corporate Social Responsibility

A  communication strategy to promote the commitment of  the hospitality trade to sus-tainabilty through the development of CSR and staff’s’ engagement as well as customers’, targeting mainly the training environment  which could yet be used for a wider audience, businesses not involved yet, secondary school pupils, students, job seekers.