Green Guest is a project of the hospitality industry which will strive to connect both the environmental and employment – training issues, including work-based learning, in a comprehensive approach.

In all of our countries consumers are the driving force behind the trend of companies to develop environmental stewardships. The effect of “green thinking” is a strong incentive for professionals of the hospitality and tourism trade to respond to changed needs and wants. The hospitality sector has a significant impact on the environment through energy and water consumption, use of consumable products, and solid and hazardous waste generation. Adopting sustainable hospitality programs can provide a significant competitive advantage to businesses in the hospitality sector. Training and upskilling of today’s and future staff is also the best way to support enterprises in this time of change and sustainability can have a lever effect to inspire people into the trade. It is also important to analyse the ways VET addresses the issue in greening the curicula, syllabi or referential competencies frameworks and question the gaps which have to be filled in with EQAVET as a reference.

Green Guest’s ambition is therefore to act on the three aspects of sustainability in the hospitality trade: social, environmental and economical through the development of specific activities through Vocational Education and Training. Being more attractive for customers is also a good way to be more attractive to potential staff. Transnational work gathering various expertise from different parts of the EUoffers great opportunity for the development of the project which could not be envisaged at neither of the national levels.

Green Guest project has two main goals:

– develop sustainability practices in the trade by training and upskilling current and future workforce fostering work-based learning.
– promote jobs of the hospitality trade which suffer from a poor image and inspire people into the trade (with sustainability as a facilitator and incentive to get into the trade)