Multipliers in Estonia, summer-autumn 2018

Multiplier Event in Pärnu

The Green Guest Project 1st Estonian multiplier event was held in Pärnu during the annual network seminar of Estonian tourism and catering field educators. Over 2 days, more than 100 representatives from vocational schools, universities, stakeholders and trade were discussing contemporary learning, developing new curricula and getting knowledge about new markets opening in Estonia.

Estonian teachers of tourism, hospitality and restaurant services took part.

There was a Green Guest Project stall with flyers and case study samples and roll up in seminar room and ametikool´s teachers were informing colleagues during the seminar breaks about the progress of the Project.

The topic for the end of the day was “Best practices from schools“, so we were able to present the Project itself and also the serious game “Green Hotel“. We were starting to play the game with some warm up questions to waken up the audience and make them think more about the influences of the global tourism market of our future.

Audience – mostly school representatives found the game useful and said that it made them think more about the importance of sustainability issues. They are interested in using the final product in everyday studies.

Students trying out the Green Guest game.

The 2nd multiplier event was held on 19th of October and the target group were students from Saaremaa basic and secondary schools in age from 14 to 17. Event was organized for students who are interested in entering vocational studies after graduation of basic school. Event was organized in 2 parts – introduction of Green Guest project, talking about sustainability issues, playing a quiz for warming up and playing the Green Hotel game. In another half students had practical training about restaurant service – laying the table, practicing fruit design from seasonal fruits ect.

Gathering feedback from the students.

Feedback about the event and game itself was mostly positive. Students said, that they got some new knowledge about hospitality sector and its influences on global sustainability and some of them promised to continue their learning path in hospitality sector in future to help make the world “greener”.