23.04.2018 multiplier in Łódź

Green Guest’s 3rd multiplier event was held in Lodz on 23rd April, it gathered over 50 participants, high-school students, entrepreneurs of the hospitality trade, members of NGOs involved in sustainability: they had answered  Mosqi-to’s on-line invitation to a very special event. After an introduction to the topic by Magda Szmidt, CEO of Mosqi-to, Nadine Norgeot-Véron from GIPFCIP-Caen, head of project, presented Green Guest’s objectives and its outputs in details as well as ERASMUS PLUS priorities. Thierry Lhuillery, entrepreneur and president of “Les Petits Plats dans les Grands”, highlighted the key issues regarding sustainability for hospitality businesses. Then participants were invited to a sustainable treasure hunt to apprehend LODZ’s touristical context which is paramount for professionals of the hospitality trade. It was a great opportunity to approach keys issues contained in  Green Quest, an outstanding serious game, just completed by Mosqi-to’s talented graphic design and IT experts, as a concrete up-to-date implementation of  the specifications provided by Green Guest partners. It was followed up by the presentation of this e-learning tool, based on the quest of a trainee in a sustainable hotel, and debate over its use in learning pathways. Partners had also the opportunity in the evening to work with Klaudia Budny, award winner of Masterchef, in Poland and exchange with her on Green Guest issues!