27.10.2017 Multiplier in Budapest

Green Guest’s second Multiplier Event was held on October 27th in Budapest, Hungary at Szent Istvan University.

The target groups were mainly students from the catering vocational education and higher education, however, some stakeholders were represented themselves in a few numbers.

The event focused on seminars and a sustainable open kitchen from three culinary regions of Hungary.

The presentations were held by:

– Prof. Dr. Zoltán Lakner, Szent Istvan University: How to develop the use of local products in catering industry? Impact of various interests and conflicts in sustainability.

– Zsuzsanna Keve (owner of Bistro No Waste): Sustainability in the hospitality trade.

– Balint Horvath PhD student, Szent Istvan University: Sustainability is understandable

 Gastro Show By Andor Siki, Krisztina Kovacs and their students (Kelta Vocational School, Budapest)

Finally the participants had a chance to taste sustainable meals from Hungarian culinary regions, presented by Andor Siki, Krisztina Kovács and their team of VET catering students.

We had about 60 participants, so it can be stated: the event was a success.

Programme of Budapest multiplier 27.10.17